quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011


01. Intro (Feat. Sen City And Chink Santana)
02. Deep Blue (Feat. Chink Santana)
03. Carton Of Milk (Feat. The Game)
04. The Paper (Feat. Chink Santana)
05. Heart Attack (Feat. Sen City)
06. Everybody Jones (Feat. Aaron Lacrate)
07. Drops Is Out (Feat. Raekwon, Mel Matrix And Sen City)
08. Let Me Fly (Feat. Rell)
09. Gettin To The Money (Feat. Cam’Ron And Lady H)
10. Take A Bow (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy And Sen City)
11. Perfect Day (Feat. Chink Santana And Logic)
12. Changing The Locks (Feat. Ashanti)
13. God Bless The Child (Feat. Wyclef)
14. Itza

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